Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dads and Grads giveaway

Quick! Before time runs out.

Looking for a last minute, cool present for Dad or hubby? Want a neat present for your new graduate to keep in touch while at college? How about a new webcam to use at home, in class or on the road?

I am thrilled to offer Logitech QuickCam Chat* for Skype for 3 readers who comment below!

I don't claim to know much about this product as we haven't received it for our review yet, and, if we had, I wouldn't have opened it yet as I am giving it to Patrick for HIS Father's Day gift. (Let's hope he doesn't take the initiative this week to actually READ my blog! It's a rare day that he reads here. Wouldn't it just figure that he'd read NOW and spoil the surprise??) But I do know that at about $30 each, they seem like a good deal. I also know that you can Skype with this product so if Oprah ever contacts your family or something, you could totally get involved in the conversation. Just in case... FYI, Skype is free to download and really inexpensive to use (like about $2.95 for a month of unlimited calls in US/Canada...) Did you know that?

Start commenting, folks! 3 chances of winning!! This is a perfect gift for someone you love.

Ways to enter:

~ Comment below
~ Subscribe to my blog and comment again
~ Tweet or blog about this contest and comment again!

I'll pick the THREE winners on Monday, June 15.

*Logitech® QuickCam® Chat ($29.99)
Logitech® QuickCam® Chat for SkypeTM installs instantly to provide

a complete webcam solution that is perfect for video chatting. A bonus headset lets you add audio to your favorite instant-messaging program. Install the software, plug in the webcam, and you’ re ready to video chat or take photos to share via e-mail or online. A universal mounting clip attaches to most monitors and notebooks, or lies flat on desktop surfaces.


Justin & Kristin said...

What Dad would not love this??

Allison said...

this is my comment to enter, but it is also a question. Would this be a device that would allow me (i mean my husband) to take video and put on my blog easier? said...

Good question, Allison. I'll let you know! said...

Allison, I was told that you could do that, but you would have to use a service that allows it. I assume it would make more sense if you had the product in your hand... I am not the most technologically advanced...

Dana said...

awesome! count me in!

Deb Anderson said...

I have heard so much about Skype lately, but I've never tried it and I had no idea you had to use a camera that is Skype-capable. But this would be a great opportunity to learn! :)

Deb Anderson said...

I follow your blog

Let's Just Give It Away said...

Way cool. Count me in.


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