Saturday, May 09, 2009

Getting FLEXible...

I spent the day pushing buttons, opening and closing 5 skylights, and giggling when the teeny lady in the magical box told me to turn left in .2 miles...

I am reviewing the Ford Flex this week! Here's my really crummy picture taken late in the afternoon: I realized I hadn't taken any still shots all day, though I HAD taken tons of video on the new Flip camera Ford gave me to record my "adventures.!" Though by "adventures", I'm not sure they meant driving to WalMart and almost getting hit by the teenager down the street. (Stinkin teenage drivers! Kids these days! Grrrrr!!!) Of course, I was able to "Flip" that situation (bwaaaahaaaa!) by commenting that "Dang! These brakes work wonderfully!"

I can't wait to edit this week's footage and make something reeeeellly reeeeellly mahvelous. Prepare to be utterly WOWed.

That is all.


Jane of Seagull Fountain said...

Um, it looks like a hearse? (Seriously, sometimes I wonder about designers.)

Hope it's fun to drive! said...

Jane. Jane, Jane, Jane. It is a CROSSover. Which means it is cooler than a hearse.

Also, it is CLEAN inside. And all of the gadgets WORK and there isn't a single crumb of food on the floor!

My dream car.

Gettysburg Mom said...

I don't know if I would feel comfortable in a car that didn't have ANY crumbs on the floor. What happens if you get stuck on the Pennsylvania turnpike for twenty-four hours in an ice storm? What are you and your family supposed to survive on if you don't have half a box of cheerios floating on the floor and the remnants of various drinks? Come on Tracey, safety first.

By the way, it's really stinking cool that you get to review a car AND go to waterparks. So very jealous.

Unknown said...

What no give-a-way?

lololol.... Where's my ford??

tracy said...


Wouldn't THAT be awesome?!? I'll work on it. ;)

OHmommy said...

You get to do such cool things T. How in earth did you get to review that?

Justin & Kristin said...

Ok, now I am by no means a
D-daily, fan
But, it is very cool that you get to try out the new cross-over,hearse looking, clean, talking, botton pushing car!!
I as well would like to know how you got this gig.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! Have fun in the car if you still have it, might want to let the kids put it to the test while you are at it.
See how well it can hold food and drink spills!! hope we can see the video clip.

Cheers, Kristin

Dana said...

I'd LOVE to know how you got into all this reviewing business. I myself, could benefit greatly by being sent on vacation to "review" or driving a NEW car.....How can I make that happen HERE?

CaraBee said...

Can't wait to see your review! If Ford is reading this, I'm totally in the market to review a sports car. :)

Mike said...

Looking forward to it.

Twitter: AboutParenting said...

How did I get asked to review anything? How do they ever get my name? I have no idea. I simply read the email inbox and magically, there will be random companies wanting me to check something out. It's awesome.

And you will ALL get to see the videos we're taking. Especially the ones where I THINK I'm ending a recording but actually I forgot to press the button. Or the ones with Corinne picking her nose in the background. My family is alllll class.

BTW, I WILL have 2 small giveaways this week, so pay attention!

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