Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A memorable quote, for sure....

Not a lot of brilliance going on right now. No quirky quotes or deep thoughts. Having Patrick home makes me rush through blogging in a way that isn't conducive to long moments of quiet. Of course, having Justin home will probably have the same effect... What will these life changes mean for my blog?!?

Priorities, Trace. Check 'em, m'kay?

One of the fun things about blogging is having companies think you're cool. Cool enough to want a quote for an article ABOUT blogging. JumpStart Times is an online parenting site affiliated with the JumpStart children's virtual world. (which I love!) You can find my inspiring views here, or check out the kid programs here (there's a new Adventure World in the membership, which had Corinne cracking up over yesterday...).

Crud. Patrick's pulling up in the driveway (1 benefit of an unemployed husband is that HE can take the kids to school on frigid mornings while I type in my pajamas!!)


Yellow Beads said...

ha, enjoy your PJs in your warm house!! :)

Gucci Mama said...

Ah, sweet alone time. Enjoy.

Allison said...

I have the same blogging rushed feel when my husband is around.

He works 3, 12 hour shifts right in a row and then has the rest of the week off.....he is around a little too much sometimes - (when I am blogging)

Econn said...

Yup! We do think you are cool! Thanks for contributing to our article :)
- Erin from JumpStart

OHmommy said...

Yes... enjoy your PJS.

I am n a carpool for gymnastics and just learned that my friend's husband was laid off because he took the girls to gym. I have seen a lot more dads around at preschool too.

Stupid economy. :(

anymommy said...

That's the problem with big changes like having him home for a while, it's so hard to just enjoy it when you don't know how things turn out. But, enjoy those PJs. I think things are just fine!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

I just got an email from JumpStart about reviewing products too. I guess they liked my post w/the Sir Ken Robinson You Tube clip about creativity and education. Very cool!

Did you get a chance to watch it?

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