Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Awwwww... Poor babies...

My boys are staying home today. Justin's first sick day all year - Not a bad record. They're both just hot with headaches and feeling yucky. I said "NO problem! Stay in bed!" cuz it is YUCKY outside. The wind was tearing through here a bit ago something awful and the rain was turning into ice as it bounced off of the slushy snow. Yes, all that is left from our beautiful snowfall this weekend is slushy, mushy crud. Bleccch.
One of our favorite family shows that we can all agree on to watch is America's Funniest Home Videos. Well, last night there was the 20 year special or something, where they had the top 20 from the previous years. THIS was definitely a good show as there weren't any dumb videos used as fillers. Corinne was literally rolling on the floor over some of the baby and dog videos. I just had to rewind (LURVE DVR) a few times to get those belly laughs out of her again... Those adorable Mathias quads won first prize, which was $250,000! Can you just imagine? I mean, they must have some incredible bills from an instant family of that size. I was so happy that they beat the puppy. Those girls need college opportunities!! Anyway, my point is that it's a good show that we can all watch without anyone's brain exploding.... which is a good criteria for a family show.
So, I am off to bake banana bread before those bananas get up and walk on their own. It'll make the house a bit warmer and the kids happy because who doesn't love my banana bread? Nobody, that's who.


Kat said...

We watch AFV every night at 6:00. We don't care that they are all repeats. It is a great family show, and can always get us out of a grumpy mood.
Hope your boys feel better soon!

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Sorry to hear that your boys are sick, seems you've had your fair share! Hope they are feeling better soon. Do your kids have a snow day today? Mine do. I thought the schools were crazy at first because there was absolutely nothing happening this morning, but as the day has worn on we are now getting very heavy snow. (to cover up that ugly slushy stuff, yay!) Me, too! Me, too! (that's me yelling for some warm banana bread!) Yum! Have a great day!


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

I used to watch that show with my parents!
I hope your boys are better soon, and I would love to have some of your banana bread!

Hannah said...

I hope your boys feel better soon. The banana bread will surely help them recover! ;-)

SydneyDawn said...

Hope the kiddos feel better soon! Oh, and send some of that banana bread toward my direction. :)

Kailani said...

I'll be expecting my banana bread loaf soon, right? hee hee

An Island Life

Kristi said...

I love banana bread. Can I come over for some?

Hope the little guys feel better soon.

Ruby said...

Sorry the boys aren't feeling well. Hope they're better soon!

Best banana bread? Share recipe?

Family Adventure said...

Yummy, I love banana bread, too, and there's nothing better if you're feeling a bit under the weather.

Hope your boys are better soon!


PS: Thanks for commenting on my blog. Nice to "meet" you :)

Laski said...

Love AFV---saw that clip and adore it! Mmmmm...banana bread---maybe a magic cure for the sickies.

familymclean said...

Hope your boys feel better, sure is no fun being sick, however getting to watch that much AFV would be fun!
And wow, after checking out those 4 girls I feel lick such a dud for ever complaining, i only have 2!!

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