Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snowy Tuesday

Is it wrong that 7 pairs of little girl undies make me so happy? They are so FREAKIN cute! Tiny little princess underwear with sparklies and happy faces. Why isn't MY underwear so uplifting? (Also, why isn't my underwear small and cute? But that's a different story...) I thought of posting a picture, but that's just crossing some invisible line for me of what's appropriate and what's not. I really don't want some guy googling l!ttle gi$l p#nt!es... (Geez. That's hard to type without being googlable...).

Corinne is potty training herself. If you knew, only KNEW the four-letter word that potty training is/was for me with the boys, you'd know that for me to say it now without cringing is nothing short of a miracle. Also, I am TOTALLY expecting this to backfire and be a total disaster... this may be giving my daughter less credit than she is due, I realize, but I cannot let myself be led down this path again. At least, not without looking at the ditches to see the pain and misery that was potty-training of the past. (I truly am not exaggerating. To spare my children at least SOME embarrassment in their futures, I will leave it at that, but I have some DOOZY stories, trust me!)

It snowed! Big old fluffy flakes covering up the lovely sheet of ice we got beforehand, so I am so excited to drive today! Whoot!!! "Slipppin and a'slidin in the slush".... Yes. I watch too much Wonderpets... Maybe, just MAYbe we can go sledding this winter.

Um. I have nothing to say that is very exciting.... La la la la.... Oh! How about the fact that my sister is due with her baby in less than 2 weeks? That's pretty freakin exciting! Especially since the little brat doesn't find out what she's having ahead of time. Do you have ANY IDEA how frustrating this is???? I'd smack her if she wasn't, you know, with child. I'm usually completely wrong when I have guesses. I was wrong with Andria, Jaymi, my sister's first, several friends, and various other people for years now. I mean, if I have a TRUE feeling of what someone is having, not just a random guess, then I am wrong. I was so positive that my sister's first child was a boy that I bought her a boy outfit!!! Yeah. She had a girl. So. I am dead positive that this one is another girl. I even had a dream! So, I am pretty sure that she will have a boy...

Hmmmm. I still have nothing to say. Are you still reading? Hello? Is there anybody IN there? Don't you just love that Pink Floyd song?

Well. I guess I'd better start the van and scrape it and such. Oh, and make sure the kids aren't in jammies for school... I promise to have a more riveting post next time. Well, I'll try....

Edited to add: please send love and support for Susan at Toddler Planet (also known as WhyMommy). Today is her double mastectomy... Her husband is planning on reading the comments after her surgery as a kind of bedtime story. Please send her sweet, encouraging and funny thoughts to help speed the recovery along...


andria said...

I am always wrong with everyone else's kids too...I even started keeping track after a while just to see and, yep, always wrong. I did the same thing with my sister. I got all those boy outfits I bought for her back two years later.

BUT, I am always right about my own. I always have a dream about them early on. I even dreamt Elizabeth was a girl (named EMma) but I wouldn't let myself believe it because of my track record with other people.

I also have dreams about people I know being pregnant and then, bam, two-three months later they announce they are having a baby. Very creepy. I should start reading palms for cash or something.

I can't wait to see what your sister is having.

kimmy said...

I had to find out the sex of my children. Luckily for me, most of my family and friends found out too. Axious to hear what your sister is having!!!


Kristi said...

Go Corinne! I'm praying Isabella is an easy potty trainer, because patience is not my strongpoint.

Mike said...

Hope potty training this time around would be ... well, a different 4-letter word for you.



Don Mills Diva said...

I could never NOT find out the sex of my child - I am way too curious (or perhaps nosey and impatient would be more accurate!)

the dragonfly said...

Right in the first trimester of my pregnancy I had dreams nearly every night of a baby girl, and a toddler girl, and a teenage girl...

Yeah. I had a boy.

Which we found out way early; I had an ultrasound at 11 weeks and it was obvious, even to me, without the tech telling me. My husband and I were going to keep the baby's sex a secret, just between us, but my parents were in town and came to the ultrasound...and it was obvious to them too.

Oh well.

Sorry for the ramble. Can't wait to hear about your sister's little one!

And hope potty training goes well! I have nightmares..

Stephanie Precourt said...

Snow here today, too!! And thank you for the congrats!


Unknown said...

I never guess right either...congrats to your sister!!

LOL about the undies...yeah, I don't wear thongs because they are sexy, it is the only thing my butt can fit in. :D

Phoenix said...

Suposedly girls are easier to potty train than boys. Personally I think it has to do with having older siblings. (shrug) Yea for big girl underwear though.

Type (little) a aka Michele said...

I love all the p@nties. My faves are Curious George, Hello Kitty and Happy Feet. And I do get google hits for that. Sick people, man.

Re: your sister. HOW CAN SHE HANDLE THE SUSPENSE??? Initially I thought I 'd like to wait, but I just couldn't NOT find out the sex. She has some fortitude, man

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

I have some stories from potty training too but didn't have the class not to broadcast them on the internet. Good thing I only had 3 readers at that time ;-)

It snowed here today too but we had lots already. It makes everything look fresh again too, nice a fluffy white.

Oh and I am ALWAYS wrong with gueses on the sex of babies. I dreamed that Kamden was a girl right before HE was born. Enough said.

Beck said...

I'm almost always right with my gender guesses. It's my one freaky gift.
The Baby is potty training right now, and OH, the yucky stories I could tell. But I don't, which requires some extensive restraint.

Tonya said...

I was talking about potty training today at playgroup. Not that I was thinking about potty training the baby just yet but another mom had asked us other moms for some advice. It's exhausting is all I could say :)

carrie said...

Oh, I totally hear you on having happy panties! If you find some, let me know!

Good luck to your Sis!

SydneyDawn said...

Yay on the potty training! Hope it continues to go well.

With my oldest I knew he was a boy. No doubt. With this one, I could have sworn it was a girl. Alas, the ultrasound says differently. So unless it was WAY off, my gut was totally wrong. Guess we'll know in a few weeks for sure.

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi, Tracey!

Well, I guess I'm in the minority here, but I didn't want to know and didn't find out what I was having until I had my boys. I guess I wanted something to look forward to after all the morning sickness, aches and pains, etc., plus, I just figured, it is what it is, and sometimes those sonograms are wrong!

I will say a prayer for your blogger friend, I'm gonna go check out her blog when I'm done here. That's such a great idea to read her the comments! Hope she sails through surgery and gets better soon.

BTW, I have to agree with you on the panty thing, girls panties are just way cuter than little boys underpants and womens for that matter! :)


Jamie said...

Yay for snow, and yay for potty training herself! You deserve it..We are making the slowest progress ever.

I hear you about worrying what people google. I had a video on youtube several months ago called 'naked things' and it was Avery being silly in a diaper... but I didn't look at it for a month or so after posting it and when I did, it had thousands of views... I was grossed out and took it down. Sickos are out there.

PS I still need to call you sometime!

Michelle said...

How great that she's starting to potty train on her own! Hope it continues to go well :)

How exciting for your sister! I'm also one that doesn't find out LOL We didn't w/Kayla, or this one! It drives my MIL crazy! :)

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Good luck with the potty training! WE need to go there with the girly too. And you are so right about the princess undies. So cute! A's have ruffles!

Anonymous said...

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