Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Need a little pick me up juice...

Urgh. Running on empty this morning, and I'm not really sure why. It couldn't possibly have to do with poor diet and sleep habits, though. Right? I mean, coffee and gumbo should be enough to sustain a body. Come ON! The gumbo's got veggies and everything!

I need to start taking better care of myself and my family. We eat like crap. This morning, however, is not the morning to start shopping with a mission. This morning is for cinnamon toast and hazelnut coffee.

Good Lordy, last night's storm was fierce! Seriously, I couldn't see across my street at times when the wind's gusts were at their strongest. Scared me half to death! Especially since Patrick was stuck trying to drive home in it. It took him forever, but he made it safely. So that means that I need to go out to the van early this morning to make sure I can unlock it. The wind and ice may have frozen all of the locks.... Good times, good times.

Maybe I'll post later on when my joe kicks in and I'm not in such a grumpy mood.



kimmy said...

I coud never live without my coffee in the morning. I think would be doing more harm than good if I skipped it!

Hope the weather is better for you today!

If you get a chance take a peek at my blog - I left you something!


familymclean said...

You're cute! Yay to a coffee kick start and i too am making cooking good food more of a priority. About the weather, I feel for you, I am right there with ya!

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hey, Tracey!

I think we're in the same "crappy menu" rut that you're in,..can't seem to put a decent meal together lately! Seems like we're always eating on the fly and just grabbing whatever is easiest which I know is not good!

How about that wind last night, huh? It was crazy! Today looks so pretty outside, a cruel joke of mother nature! Brrrrrr.

Guess what? I have something for you over at my blog, too. (I see Kimmy beat me to it!) Okay, so flip your hair with your wrist and say, "Don't fight over me, girls! I can't help that I'm so popular." *giggle*


Not Your Regular Mini Van Mom said...

Coffee with hazelnut cream is my saviour in the morning:) We are expecting a big snowstorm here on Friday...I hate having to get up early and warm the car brrrrr.

Amber said... know what a "pick me up is"? Oh my, I have never heard anyone other than my grandma and I use that phrase. Do you know what a sinking spell is? If you do, you're my new best friend.

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