Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My musical abilities are revealed.

I feel like that lady singing that crazy Mom song to the Lone Ranger theme... Yeah, I know it's a classical song, too. What is it called? Something like "Some Dead guy's Symphony in some note"... Come on peeps. Help me out here. I tried to YouTube it and gave up.

HERE IT IS. Look now before it's gone again...


Insert my lyrics for a while and you'll have my afternoon/evening. Ahem:
Walk to school
get the kid
please don't run ahead.

How's your day?
What'd you say?
Kiss his sweaty head.

Take off shoes
check my news
Put the clothes away.
Check their bags
and let them rest and play.

Homework time
get to work
there's no time left now.

Change your shoes
get your guards
please don't ask me how.

Drop the money
for the field trip
and hit the libraRY,
and then to plaaaay,
soccer till 7 oh 3.

Please don't hit your sister while we're waiting in the darkened van.
What's that smell? It's really bad, get here so I can sniff your butt.


Buckle up.
Time to go.
Gotta hurry home.

Mac n Cheese,
and strawberries
will have to be enough.

Plunge the toilet
wash your hands
get the poopies off.
I'm out of WINE?
Shit, shit, shit
damn damn damn.

Daddy's still not home, it's time for bed, please turn the tv off.
Brush your teeth and pick a book, and get to sleep right now!!


Yeah. That's all I got. It was a crazy night. Fast. Busy. Not quite sure what to make of everything else that happened, but I'll let you know more later.


Jamie said...

Wow that's impressive.
The song and the day :)

Beck said...

Oooh, clever!
Here's the song you were thinking about:

tracey.becker1@gmail.com said...

Hmmph. Beck, it says there's a copyright violation on that file. Poop.

Michelle said...

are you talking about the video that I posted on my blog last week? it was hilarious!

Hope today goes better for you and is less crazy!

Christina said...

*Standing ovation*

Love it!

andria said...

very funny.....sounds like my day too.

Kailani said...

That was great! I bet every Mom can relate to the sniffing of the butt thing. hee hee

An Island Life

painted maypole said...

funny! (I loved that song!)

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