Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween!!

Our day has been good enough so far, despite the fact that Evan was DEVASTATED that I missed his AM kindergarten parade even though there was NO note sent home (I confirmed with tons of other parents that also didn't know about it) but he has since gotten over it and is currently playing with his new mummy on a parachute and spooky tattoos from his goody bag (no candy or treats, whatsoever allowed in goody bags anymore. Bummer, man.)

We are trick or treating tonight and Corinne FINALLY gets to join in the fun with the big kids! She is gonna love it. I know that kid so well. Let's just hope that getting an hour nap is enough for her today, as we have to head to the school at 1:30 to see the big kids' parade, which is right in the middle of her usual nap. Le sigh.... We will be a pirate (me), Dracula (Pat), 2 knights and Minnie Mouse. I know - spooky family.

When rousing the kids this morning, I told Justin "Hey wake up! It's Halloween!" to which he sleepily asked, "do we still have school?" Um. Yeah. They don't cancel school for Oct 31, sorry, kiddo. But at least he got out of bed faster.

Here's hoping that the rain holds off, the wind calms down, and everyone is safe and has a great time. Here's to hoping that they get some Snickers bars that they'll share with me, no hard ball candy (freaks me out) and that I'm able to sneakily pitch half of it by next week.

Have fun!


Tonya said...

It is so fun to get all of that candy but to consume it all is hard! Happy Halloween :)

Jamie said...

Happy Halloween to you and your family!

Beck said...

Halloween is a FUN school day, anyhow.

the dragonfly said...

Have fun with the kids! I took the Little Mister tonight...he's obviously not going to eat the candy (4 mos) but we still had fun. He's a cute little cow. :)

Alex Elliot said...

Happy Halloween! I couldn't figure out why my older one who get dressed this morning. He finally told me that he thought that I was going to be taking his younger brother trick or treating while he was at preschool.

Michelle said...

sorry to hear about the missed parade in the morning; sounds like a lack of communication somewhere! I hate when things are scheduled in the middle of nap time! Hope last night was fun!

Melissa said...

Sounds like, in general, it was an okay day. I need to throw out candy too. After I'm done eating the good stuff, of course :)

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