Thursday, September 06, 2007

A stupid post.

Again with Laurie Berkner and her dinosaurs... singing, singing in my computer. And Corinne is sitting on my lap while I type and she types her fingers on the desk. Her baby doll is partially diapered with a disposable diaper that never got used before I switched to gDiapers (she put it on the doll. I can't even describe how it looks... hysterical is the best I can do.)

Justin has been doing so much better this year... Praying, hoping, begging for it to continue! His teacher is very consistent with the WHOLE class needing to be accountable for their homework. Plus, homework is a nightly thing, which is JUST what Justin needs. Consisitency. Perfect. Every night, after about a half an hour break from school, they sit at the kitchen table and do homework. If Evan doesn't have any from school, then he does his kindergarten workbook and practices his letters and writing. Corinne does her "homework" at the kid table I brought up from the basement and colors pictures. It's working out! It really is. For half an hour a day, they are all quietly (sort of) working.

Phone's ringing. Gotta get to kindergarten soon. Will post more exciting details soon.


Melissa said...

I love teachers that have a routine that they follow. No matter what. Red's kindergarten teacher was like that and he learned so much in that class! I hope the year continues to go well!!

Rima said...

I can't believe that Corinne wasn't trying to hijack the keyboard! What a sweet child!

Jamie said...

Glad to hear Justin is off to a good start. Very promising.

Anonymous said...

We LOVE Laurie Berkner!!!! I'm so glad that Justin is doing well this year!!! Yeah Justin!!! It's all about the teacher I think. I'm glad he got a good consistent one!! You really need to post a picture of them all doing their homework!! How cute!

Beck said...

My little one's favorite Laurie Berkner song is the one about the bumblebees. Buzz buzz buzz.
My GRADE THREE KID'S teacher does not believe in homework! GEEZ!

Michelle said...

so glad to hear how well Justin is doing! That's great!

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