Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hey everybody. On my way to soccer practice and just a minute to check in. But I am asking for a quick bit of help. How do I post the link for my montages (see at right) as a LINK and not just an address to copy and paste? Any blog geniuses frequenting my site? Jamie? Anyone? Anyone?

Gracias in advance.


Melissa said...

Sorry... no clue! :S I know that Kat of No Diet Coke For Mommy
has montages on her blog all the time... maybe you could look at her site?? Sorry... :S

Jamie said...

Ask and you shall receive. Maybe :)
I think I deleted your email address so here ya go in a big ol comment.

Looks like you are really close to having it right. Go into where you added the page element, and type the name of your montage in the big box (but nothing else), then highlight that and click the (-) symbol to link that word to your montage link. Then you should be able to make a whole list of them I would think.

tracey.becker1@gmail.com said...

Jamie, you rock. My montages are now up for viewing pleasure!


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