Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friday's post on Saturday... so sue me.

My computer did something crazy yesterday so I turned it all off while going "Aiiiyyyeeee!!!!" Of course, nothing's been fixed, but I am risking it. Gotta get my fix MA-yaaaannnnn....

Here's a Haiku for Christina:

Pretty in Pink and
Footloose? When did the eighties
become "old" movies?

Quite a shock to see
Molly Ringwald on after
Greta Garbo. Wild.

Seriously. I was having discussions with myself last night over how it just doesn't seem right! Turner Classic Movies, WHAT are you trying to do to me???

We watched The Last Mimzy last night. I liked it, but it required explanations for the boys afterwards. And their questions weren't easily answered. But there were some neat special effects in the beginning. And it was a disturbing reality to see everyone plugged into something. Headphones, computers, game systems, tv, cell phones... from the time they got up till bed.

Off to two games today! Whooot! Evan's is in 45 minutes (gotta get dressed. caffeine hasn't kicked in yet) and Justin's is after 1:00. Yay... I get to spend my day traipsing from soccer field to soccer field by mySELF. I wouldn't mind it if Patrick was able to come with, but SHOCKER, he's working.


painted maypole said...

just as 80s songs cannot be oldies, they should not be played on Turner Classic Movies. no way

Christina said...

80's movies on Turner Classic? Ouch.

Beck said...

If movies from the 80s are now playing on Turner Classic Movies... I don't know what. I'm goign to get fitted for a cane, maybe?

Dedee said...

Amen on the Turner Classic movies thing. I'm getting old.

kate said...

i'm so depressed about the 80s being the "oldies." it's just not right. Pretty in Pink is one of my favorite movies!

Kailani said...

We showed that movie on the plane a couple of months ago. It looked pretty good but I haven't had the chance to watch it.

Jamie said...

LOVE Footloose. AM old.

Miss Hope said...

My 13 year old came to me this weekend and said..."I wish I lived in the 80's. I really dig the poofy hair thing right now. Doesn't stuff come back around in fashion around every 30 years or so?"

I just looked at her.

Melissa said...

Ya know... in so many ways I am glad that Red decided AFTER the deadline that he wanted to play soccer. And That I told him I wasn't going to pay the late fee. Good luck with the games this week!

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