Friday, July 06, 2007


Why do I have 2 huge zits and gray hair simultaneously?

Seriously? This is a joke. Life's cruel joke. I don't need perfect skin, just not 2 icky pimples that I can't leave alone, which then causes them to get even ickier and take FOREVER to go away.

I know, I know... Waaaah f'n wah for me.

Is it ever cool to have a streak of white hair in the middle of your head? Because, if so, I am SO way awesome. And yes, I'm only 31.

Oh, and WHY can't I post a freakin title today??


Beck said...

We are both very hot right now - not only do I have zits AND grey hair but I also have a first time ever age spot. Hotness!

KatieBug said...

I have another zit brewing on my chin right now! No fun.

I found you through Jamie over at All Things Avery and I like your blog. I will be back!

Mall Worker said...

It never does stop does it? An older lady friend of mine has informed me it does get worse, just wait for the facial hair during the change!

Michelle said...

well I have the same problems as you!!

Melissa said...

I started getting gray hair a few years ago... I'm 30. :S As for the zits, I never stopped getting them. My mom (who is 50) still gets them. Sorry. Not very encouraging, am I ;)

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