Monday, July 30, 2007


Well, the boys are having a blast in Canada. Apparently, Justin caught the biggest Northern of the day, and has only had a few minor melt downs over switching fishing spots. :) What more can we ask for?

I am taking Evan to Magic Waters tomorrow! He is big enough for all of the waterslides and loves the water, so I think we're gonna have a blast. Corinne is headed over to Grandma's for a day of spoiling, so I am off to pack her bag and the van with all the equipment needed to care for a 1 year old.... which is a crapload.

I am still feeling out of sorts, but did manage to at least FINISH a project: the laundry room! Yay... Now, I just have to finish the upstairs hall closet (I emptied the entire contents of one closet, filled to the brim, into the hall... and left it there...), and the pile of photo sleeves from all of the pictures I finally organized into different envelopes for each child's scrapbook (BIG mess. Right behind me as I type.). So. Fun stuff ahead. I'm putting it out of my mind though, cuz I have GOT TO find my one piece bathing suit or I'm gonna be flashing way too much mommy jiggling belly with my two piece tank thingy. (It was great for nursing, though...)


Michelle said...

At least you're accomplishing some things! :)

Jamie said...

When you are done with your upstairs hall closet, come over here because mine needs some serious attention.

Ruby said...

Have a great time splashing!

Tonya said...

Have fun at Magic Waters! I can't wait to my kids are big enough to go there :)

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