Sunday, July 29, 2007


We went to my parents' house last night and my sisters with their kids met us there. The kids swam with Papa in their huge inflatable pool and had a great time. The 3 babies are a riot together! For a good 45 minutes, the 3 little ones danced and danced and hugged and squealed with delight over the musical renditions of.... The Monkees. Yes. "More Monkey songs! More Monkey songs!!!" Hysterical to watch them, and my dad got it ALL ON TAPE for future blackmailing.

It's strange around here, without Pat and Justin. It's like we're living in limbo, waiting for them to come home. We're still having fun, but I can't imagine what life would be like, if it were like this ALL the time. If they just weren't coming home, ever.... I know that parents go through that, every single day. Every day, countless families are in crushing pain because they aren't complete. Due to death, divorce, abduction, or illness... It's amazing how quickly your entire world could change around you. How lucky I am, and how delicate is this safety and security I feel...

Patrick called on Friday night. They had an easy drive to Wisconsin to meet Patrick's dad. They then took a break and went miniature golfing! Now, maybe you don't find this strange, but I am amazed that they took a break in their trip to let Justin play. Do a lot of men do that?? Because my father, well-intentioned though he was, was always so focused on the end result of a trip, that I can't remember him ever wanting to stop to take in the scenery on a trip. (except for the Mammoth Cave on the way home from Florida... but that totally sticks out!) When he told me that they played mini golf, I complimented him left and right - because that is exactly what Justin needs to make this trip exciting and fun: surprises! And it'll be a memory that will stick with him. They then hopped on the road and got to International Falls (border town) at about 8 and went to bed. I can only assume that they are out on the lake as I type. Hopefully, catching tons of fish!

Evan and I are going to go school supply shopping today. :( KINDERGARTEN?!? Crazy...

Only 6 more days till my big guys come home!


Emily said...

Isn't it funny how different your parents are now that they're grandparents? Not to sound, you know, bitter or anything, but dude. My dad took my kids to the fair last week. When I was a kid, they used all sorts of bribes to AVOID taking us to the fair and when bribes didn't work they just said no. Unless my kids were to request a gun or maybe some blow, they couldn't jump fast enough to make their little wishes come true. Not that I'm, you know, BITTER or anything.
To be slightly more on topic: Yes. Kindergarten. Yikes.

Michelle said...

sounds like you had a wonderful time at your mom's! Glad to hear they stopped on their trip for some mini-golf - what a fun memory for Justin! Joe is the same way when traveling - he just wants to get out the door and get there w/minimal stops. I told him that will have to change after Kayla was born!

Ruby said...

Glad you had such a great time at your parents.

Only six more days until your family is whole again!!! :)

Scary thought isn't it?

Phoenix said...

I think parents are different for their grandchildren. Sounds like he's having fun though.

Hey, my niece is starting kindergarten too. It goes by so freaking fast. Are you freaking?

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