Wednesday, July 04, 2007

231 years!

Scurrying around, trying to get ready for the 4th of July celebration at my sister's house! Fixed the pasta salad at the last minute (that I had to prepare late last night, because I bought everything for it in the morning... except the pasta.) We were out late watching the neighbors try to outdo each other with what can only be illegal fireworks! Patrick and our neighbor became little boys again, blowing up bottle rockets and firecrackers. The kids and I spent a great time chasing fireflies. A great, unexpected night.

My niece turns 7 today! Wow. Life is amazingly fast. It truly was just yesterday that she and Justin were in diapers together...

So, I'm off to collect my children and husband. Justin is playing next door and is soaking wet, so that should be fun to convince him to get out of their pool and go. Evan is lying on the couch. He has hives on his waist! WTF? No clue what that's about. Hope he's ok. Corinne is devastated that she can't go outside too, but is currently watching MINNIE MOUSE so we are good for another 20 minutes.

Happy Independence Day United States! I am truly thankful to be a citizen!


Jamie said...

Happy 4th!

Michelle said...

happy 4th to you guys! Hope you had a fun time at your sister's house!

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