Monday, June 11, 2007

Good morning!

Woke up this morning to find Justin dressed and smiling. Ahhh. What a refreshing change! But it was only because he was SO excited to go to Day camp! First day today. He and Patrick just left, so I have a few minutes to type with Disney Sing alongs in the background (AAAYYYYY!!!!!! My sanity!!!!!)

We had a good weekend! Just spent the day on SAturday at home and then swimming (wait, that day wasn't great. Scratch that. Reverse it.) But Sunday was good! My MIL and Aunt in law took me and the kids to Chicago on the train (PAtrick was at a White Sox game with my dad and brother in laws). We went to Printer's Row book fair. It was nice and all, but I think it's more for the atmosphere than the incredibly great deals on books. You can't get books cheaper than the library, you know? But anyway, the kids each got a new book and Justin got a new GREEN White Sox hat (it has a shamrock on the back... hmmmm.) so the day was good for him. And Corinne spent the entire train ride making an older couple laugh at her antics "Mo choo choo! MO choo choo!!" So, if you saw a group of ladies walking around downtown yesterday with a 5 year old in the stroller, a baby in the sling (passed out on the way home) and an 8 year old with a GREEN hat, that was ME. Beautiful weather, kids were pretty good (a bit of whining, but that's not unusual, right?) and hanging out with family. Oh, and for the people wondering about the gDiapers' absorbency, I didn't change Corinne once from 8 am to 4 pm (bad mommy) and she didn't leak and doesn't get rashes. I was also able to check her diaper in the train station upon arrival and it was a snap. But BOY do I wish I had some cards to pass out. People always look twice when they see the diapers, but if I just tell them about them, they won't make the switch. If I had a card or something, though.... Hmmmm.....Make the switch!
I am packing!! Patrick thinks I'm nuts, I think he's crazy to think that we can just throw some stuff in bags at the last minute! I've been making lists for weeks now. And I'm washing everything that I couldn't find, so HELLLLO???
My posts of late seem to be pretty dull. I apologize, loyal readers and friends. I am only able to quickly journal my days and then rush back to the family, but I WILL have some riveting posts soon. I SWEAR. Don't leave me!!!!

Aaaaannnnnd, Corinne's crying cuz Mimimimi mouse is over. And Evan wants to play Zoo Tycoon on the computer. And I need some coffee!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe if you emailed the gdiaper people (they are really nice and will email you back.) you can ask about them sending you some cards or something. And since you blogged about them, one of them may even leave a comment on your blog. Jason (the dad) left me a comment once!

Ruby said...

Sounds like you had a very nice weekend with your family.

I love reading your blog and its because you're YOU. If I wanted to read about a party or circus...yuck, who wants that? Just keep it real, like always. :)

Ruby said...

I just had to thank you again for your comments. Thanks for defending me a while back. Even though I think it was all a misunderstanding. It's nice to know you had my back. ;)

Jamie said...

Yes, our girls would get a long quite nicely. Avery is a mickey mouse junkie too.

Melissa said...

Your hubby sounds like mine... what do you mean you have a list? But the times when he DOESN'T follow my list, he forgets something. ALWAYS. He's learned. The lists are good. Good luck with all your packing and planning! I know you'll have a great time on your trip! :)

kate said...

thanks for all the good feedback on the gDiapers! i think we'll try them with the girl when she arrives. the boy is potty training, so i don't think we'll bother with it for him.

Overwhelmed! said...

I'm so glad you had a great weekend with your family! That's what life is all about. :)

Thanks for your supportive comments on my This week is going to suck post. I do appreciate it!

Tricia said...

Strike that, reverse it ... the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, yes? Love that movie!

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