Monday, May 07, 2007

No more diamonds for me...

Not that I'm covered in rocks, mind you. In fact, other than my wedding ring and a few amethyst earrings, I don't have any real stones. After watching "Blood Diamond" this weekend, I will no longer be purchasing any real stones.

Have you seen this? Did you cry? Did you want to throw up and scream all at the same time? Within the first 10 minutes, I turned to Patrick and said "Don't ever buy me a diamond again. I can't risk the thought of where it may have come from. Get me processed cubic zirconia if you must, but no diamonds." (To which I'm sure he was happy in many ways) Again, it's not as if I HAVE diamonds. But I've considered earrings and other pretty baubles to be possessions that I might acquire should we ever be rollin in the dough.

I'm not saying you shouldn't get precious stones. But check into the market. Watch the movie. Google African diamonds and see what you come up with before heading to the jewelry store.


Kailani said...

Of course, I love diamonds. I'm afraid to find out what you're talking about!

An Island Life

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I'm afraid to actually hit that link! I only have my engagment ring and a set of princess cut earrings. I do (or did) want a 3 stone anniversary band next year! Yikes!

Jamie said...

I haven't seen that yet, would like to though.
Lucky (?) for me I just have my wedding ring diamond, nothing else.

Michelle said...

The only thing I own is my wedding ring; I've wanted to see that movie but haven't had the chance to yet.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Oh eek, I love diamonds, too. But I will watch the movie and do the right thing.

When I lived in Namibia, people were smuggling diamonds over the border constantly.

BStrong said...

Just the movie I need to get for my wife for our tenth anniversary. She want's a 3 diomand past, present, future ring. I'll buy the movie before the anniversary and let her watch it.

Sorry honey, all the diomands I could find were conflict.

Beautiful. I'm going to suggest she reads your post.

Thank you:)

Elle*Bee said...

It seems diamonds are no longer a girl's best friend... I've read about the deplorable conditions related to the diamond industry years ago. Shocking.

Justine said...

The really hard part of this horrible reality is that for some of these African countries, diamond mining represents something like 80% of their GDP, so if we DO stop buying them, we're hurting them too, just in another way. The entire economy of several of these countries rely so heavily on the diamond industry.

It's a horrible, horrible double edged sword. Wish there was an easy answer.

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