Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A catch up. No, not ketchup....

Life is just going on, right now. I am sooooo glad to be past the craziness of the past weekend! Patrick and I had a DEEEElicious dinner at Texas de Brazil in Woodfield Mall on Saturday for my bday dinner. WOW. Our first time there, but not our last. Awesome. Above and beyond great service and great food. Enough said.

We had a nice Easter. Found lots of eggs and the kids got WAY too many gifts! My parents, my MIL and I are all trying to not go overboard on candy, and so they all got a bunch of small gifts with a bit of candy. FROM ALL OF US. Which equals tons of toys. Sigh... Unnecessary stuff. BUT, I did get a few things out of their baskets that they said they could part with, so we are all set for the next few kid birthday parties. RE-GIFT!! :) Come on, raise your hands if you do it. You KNOW you do it!

My house is CLEAN again. On PURPOSE again, too! I know, I'm bowled over as well. I am hosting a playgroup for a mom's group and I purposely chose to have it right after Easter so that I had to go through the Easter crap, er GIFTS, and clean up.

We have teacher conferences this week. Even Evan has one tonight for Pre-school! :) He always gets good remarks. It is SO refreshing to get good comments about your child. After the last field trip, I asked how it went. And I asked how Evan behaved. The teachers kind of looked at me, and said "Evan? He's ALWAYS good!" And I think I said "REALLY?" with shock in my voice... I hope this trend continues for him at elementary. It's been a rough road for us with Justin and I don't forsee that it'll ever be all paved and smooth so it's a bit of a relief to not be EXPECTING problems with Evan.

The Little Miss was SO sweet and funny over Easter! She was doing Ring-around-the-rosie with her 2 cousins of the same ages, and they were a riot! She looked BEAUTIFUL in her dress (even while crying and falling asleep at the brunch with my MIL and even when we took it off for Jello at MY mother's house and she had an all-out screaming fit meltdown. Quite a good one, too.) And Yes, I took pics, and No, they aren't developed yet. But I think I feel a trip to Walgreens coming on soon... So get ready for picture bonanza as I'll have about 200 shots to sort through.

Well, gotta wake the munchkins and get myself dressed (I'm even SHOWERED before 7 am!! Happy days...)

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