Thursday, April 05, 2007

5 obsessions

Local Girl from An Island Life asked about our 5 obsessions. Here goes:

1. Checking the computer... emails, blogs, message boards. I have to stop myself from being on too much. Must. Live. My. Life.

2. Taking pictures... I take TONS. You'd never know it though, on here, because I have an issue with actually developing them on time. I currently have 7 rolls to develop. Totally common for me.

3. Talking on the phone... especially while cleaning. I canNOT seem to clean efficiently unless talking on the cordless. At least I'm accomplishing 2 things at once, right?

4. Kissing my kids... Good God. They smell so good (usually) and their skin is still so soft. How can you NOT?

5. Recording tv shows... My husband gets up for work at 3 am, so I have 1-3 hours every night to just watch whatever I want. So I record all sorts of stuff. I honestly don't know when most of the shows are on, I'm just surprised with new shows every night!


Michelle said...

Is it a bad thing if I admit how much I can identify with #1!?!

Ruby said...

I can identify with #1 too...and #2.

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