Sunday, March 04, 2007


Nothing like waking up all cozied with your hubby on a Sunday morning... Ahhh...

Just drinking a cup of coffee, getting the day started, a little later than usual for us!

I have been continuing to practice and relearn the piano with Justin as he takes his lessons. Needless to say, I am much more enthusiastic about perfecting the pieces and am grateful for every moment I get to practice, while he is practically (ok, not PRACTICALLY, DEFINITELY) forced to practice. Sigh... and it's such a shame, cuz he used to REALLY enjoy our practice time together. But now that the songs have gotten harder, he has decided he doesn't like it anymore. Well, you know what kid? Too bad. I am sticking to my guns on this one, and you WILL learn and continue to practice.

Speak of the devil. He just came in here trying to negotiate free video game minutes BEFORE the piano practice... grrrr....

But, back on track onto ME! I think I have REALLY progressed on the piano. Especially considering it's been, oh, 20 years since I took lessons. And, even then, it was only for 2 years. (yeah, MY mom let me quit) But we are a musically talented family, and I had clarinet in high school band (go geek!) so I continued my education in at least knowing how to read complex music. (of course, the majority of marching band time was spent with my friend, throwing our clarinets up into the air like the flag girls did. Oh, how I wanted to be a flag girl... the aspirations of youth...)

Ok. I'm distracted and I have to go. Distracted by what, you ask? Corinne is screaming bloody murder from falling off of, you guessed it, the table! Oy. (She's ok. Just pissed that she couldn't get the sugar bowl.)


Anonymous said...

I am envious! I, too, took piano lessons MANY years ago...and my mom also let me quit! I remember her saying over & over..."you'll regret it!"...and guess what?? I DID! I would LOVE to be able to play now. I can play a little, but not much. =( Good luck getting back into it! That's awesome!

Michelle said...

Sounds like she's found a new favorite spot up on that table! I wish I could play the piano, kudos to you for taking it up again!

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