Monday, March 19, 2007


I'm sure most of you have seen the information about the pet food recall, but if not, here's a link.

Just an ordinary day. Trying to get on top of this mess I call a house. We took the kids to Woodfield Mall yesterday. Eeesh. I forgot how much I hate that mall. The people who laid it out must have been on crack. About 10 different levels with ramps that lead to one section but not another, aisles in the main area that are about 6 people across for a while and then suddenly, for no reason apparent to me, they turn into 3 abreast. Lots of fun with tons of people and strollers and little kids. But we went to the Lego store where they each had fun and got a new Lego thing. And then the candy store (always fun) and then the Rainforest Cafe. The kids absolutely loved it there, and we hadn't been there in ages. Corinne is such an awesome eater! She ate fish and rice and shrimp and beef. Of course, her diaper leaked while we were eating, but that's not her fault.

But tell me this: Why is it, when you are treating your children to a fun day, that your oldest child finds cause to complain and whine? I swear, if he had said one MORE WORD about life not being fair, I was taking that toy back to the store. Seriously. I would not have cared how many rich people saw me with a tantrum-throwing 8 year old. Nope.


Hmm. So, this is apparently a journal entry. So goes life.

I don't wannnnnna clean the house...... (whining myself....)


Stephanie Precourt said...

Oh, I understand!! We love Rainforest Cafe, too. But my oldest- he's 6... I'll let him pick out a toy and he's so excited about it right up until the time I've paid for it. Then it's not the right thing or sees the little booklet thing they put in the package to show all the *other* toys available that he now must have... then the whining begins. How do we teach them to be grateful? AH!

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Ruby said...

I so know what your saying! I had the same kind of weekend, no, WEEK!

Insert a sixteen year old throwing a six year old tantrum, the multiply by ten. :(

That's one great little eater! Hope she doesn't grow out of it.

Hope you have a great Monday!
(Is there such a thing?)

Dedee said...

I find that it doesn't matter what I do, one of my children will be unhappy about it. Go on a walk? 9-year-old says no. Read a book? Not for the three year old. How about play outside. 6 year old doesn't want to today. It never ends. (As for rich people seeing your 8 year old throw a tantrum, if it's never happened to them, they don't have kids and don't get it!)

Elle*Bee said...

I wish we had a Lego Store nearby. Sons #1&2 loved the one at Disney.

Type (little) a aka Michele said...

I don't wanna clean my house either! :-(

Mike said...

Yup. I know what you mean. My 4-year old distinguishes between "baby toys" and "big boys toys."

That reminds me to give away some of his Pooh toys.


Overwhelmed! said...

My house so needs to be cleaned and what am I doing instead? Blogging, of course!

Sorry your son wasn't being as appreciative as he might have been.

Michelle said...

sorry to hear your oldest didnt' seem to be enjoying the family outing that everyone else was!

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