Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Help and paint and sugar and old pics

Ok. Seriously, I want a new layout for my blog. I had mentioned something to Jaymi but anyone with any knowledge on how I would go about asking and/or paying for someone to help or do it for me would be greatly appreciated. I don't need anything terribly fancy. Just something different than the ole pink setting. I've looked at the other basic layouts, and every time I try one out, I freak and switch back cuz my words look different!

HELP! Oh, and I sooooo don't understand the whole html or other gobbledy gook on the template page, and haven't the time to figure it out (pre-kids, I would have been all over it till I had it down myself... sigh). So telling me how to do it myself probably won't cut it.


On to happier news!! The bedroom, she is FINISHED!!! (insert me doing the can-can here). It looks WAY better than I thought at about 12:00 today as I was swearing on the phone to my sister while I tried to pry the blue painter's tape off of the wall without peeling the red paint off. Many many many swear words. Her poor ears... BUT. After touching up a bit, and just saying "screw it," I have decided it looks pretty nice. I WILL take pictures, but I don't have a digital, so they may not be posted for several months as it will require me to finish the roll and actually drop it off at WalGreens. Yeah. Whooo... I'm exhausted just typing that sentence, let alone actually doing it. Have you ever been into a store with 2 - 3 kids that don't listen very well and have to do JUST ONE THING? It's not too tempting to go in there. BUT I WILL. Hold tight. You WILL see the pictures. I know you're sitting on the edge of your seats, bashing the computer screens in agony, but wait you MUST.

I have to assemble the 2 dressers that are sitting in my hallway, finish sorting through the mountain of crap that was in my closet (cuz I thought it would be a brilliant idea to follow through on the whole "clean, new room" thing and empty it out.), and THEN clean out the upstairs hallway cuz it is now overflowing with stuff that will not be going into my bedroom again. I will say that I have 4 big bags of stuff for AmVets and I'm still pitching stuff every day. YAY! Gotta love purging! (but not the puking one. Not so much on that one... ewwww)

Can you tell I have a slight sugar high?!? I had some Pepsi Jazz diet stuff that Patrick brought home. THANKS HONEY. I'm flying high!

Evan found the fart machine today and had quite a fun time running behind me and holding it to my butt while he pushed the button. Yeah, a GREAT toy. And WHO does it belong to?

Duh. My HUSBAND. Who else?

But the batteries died today (darn) after which Justin told me it was ok because he can make fart noises with his armpit. I'm so proud!

I think I'll see if I can find any good pics and then I'm off to DO something. Not sure what. I do know that it's probably not a good idea to be eating these banana Laffy Taffy's right now, but DUDE - they are SO GOOD.


Ok. Random shot #1. July 2005 in Mathiesson SP, IL. We were hiking in caves and what-not and my husband was posing that he was "discovering" a new cave. Yes. He's a nerd. But I love him. I am 6 month pregnant and my sister had her 4 month old in a carrier, covered with netting to shield from the mosquitoes. BUT the weather was the hottest ever that weekend (98 and humid) so it was difficult, to say the least.

This next one is also July 05. It may look like Evan is lovingly kissing my preggo belly. But look closer, and you'll see that he was actually zerberting my stomach. Sweet to his little sister from day one.


Anonymous said...

You have GOT to get Flip Flop to do your blog...her prices are great, and she is amazing! That is definately who I would recommend..I love what she did w/ mine...and she doesn't have to do anything fancy.

Can't wait to see pictures of your room! I love the feeling of getting a room all re-done like that. I bet it looks awesome! Love the pics...you look so cute pregnant!

Michelle said...

I love seeing pictures of newly-done rooms! And that's a sweet picture of your son, even if it is blowing raspberries on his unborn sister (that was my son's favorite pasttime too). ;)

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

KatieBug said...

I hear Suzy at bluebirdblogs.com is good, but she has a long waiting list.

Jamie said...

Anxious to see your new room! Bet it looks great.

I'll be watching to see what happens with your blog template, I have been wanting to have someone do mine too... you can be the guinea pig. :)

Anonymous said...

Anna said "Flip Flop" but she meant Lindsay. Lindsay did mine, Anna's and a ton of others. I don't know what she charges though. You can get to her link at the very bottom of mine, or Anna's sidebars, there's a Splat Design button!!!

Cute pics!!! Evans soo funny!
Can't wait to see pics of the room! maybe I'll see it in person sooner than you'll get pics up.

Elle*Bee said...

etrrCongrats on the paint job. I love painting - I like seeing the instant results. Great pix, too.

Ruby said...

Can't wait to see the room! Banana Laffy Taffy IS the best.

Nicole said...

Yeah, Lindsay did mine too and she rocks!! I wouldn't go to anyone else, but then again I don't kow of anybody else.

I want to see pics of that room girlie!!

Sheryl said...

My husband is a computer dynamo! He redid the look on my blog and he's done several other people's as well. You can contact him at scottjbane@mac.com if you like.

Congrats on the painting and the cleaning!

Miss Hope said...

What is it with kids and farting noises? I'm almost to the point of refusing to buy anything green and slipping beano in all my cooking.

I got you beat on the film. I have a bag of at least 12 undeveloped rolls. Finally got a digital. Now it's full and I don't want to fool around with putting them all on the computer. Yeah, I'm slack.

Michelle said...

Don't have any suggestions for you on the new blog look as someone offered to do mine for me! Otherwise mine would probably still be the standard blue one I had originally! I'm not very good with html so I can't do my own stuff either!

Glad to hear you finally got the bedroom finished - will be looking forward to those pictures!

How funny that he was blowing raspberries on your preggy belly!

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