Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm alive

At last! No more puking or diarrhea in the house!! Whoot whooT!!!

I'm sure you all wanted to know that.

I really have nothing monumental to say or comment on, other than I am still ALIVE and checking different blogs, but have reached a very dull lull in my brain. (more so than usual)

Took Justin out on a date last night. Dollar movies rock! Saw "Flushed Away." (yes, it's on dvd already. Your point?) Pretty cute movie, but I must say that this is the reason I only go to the cheapo theaters. Would have hated to have spent 20-30 bucks on that! I'm taking Evan to see The SAnta Clause 3 tonight. (I KNOW that Christmas is over. Your POINT?!?)

And that's that. I'm off to eat some soup while blog browsing then I have to finish reorganizing the family room's toy boxes (i.e. throwing away crap) and hopefully clean a bathroom (yippee) cuz they are all gettin pretty rank. Don't you just wanna come visit MY house?


Nicole said...

We used to have a dollar movie in our town, but now I think it is $1.50 or $2. Not really sure. I have never heard of the movie you saw. Glad you went on a date though. I totally need a date with my husband. Maybe this weekend!

So glad you are feeling better!

Ruby said...

Glad everyone is feeling better! :)

I paid full price to see "Flushed Away" with my husband and 4-year-old, I wished I had waited too. It was kind of cute, but not enough to pay that much to see. My little one really liked it, so that made it worth our while.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back to the land of the living! I had that same crap...and it about killed me. My hubby has been gone almost 2 weeks..he thought he escaped it. Talked w/ him today...yeah he hugged the toilet all night last night. POOR GUY.

Mike said...

My 3-year old loved Flushed Away, too. I can tell. An hour after watching the movie, his bathroom got clogged with tissue paper.


Anonymous said...

I'd much rather be at your house than my house! I'm so sick of this little place that I don't feel like cleaning anything! And if you were here you'd see that I'm doing just that. NOTHING! LOL

Jamie said...

Glad you all are feeling well again, but what's a movie? It sounds vaguely familiar but I just can't place it. :)

Michelle said...

glad to hear there are no more sickies at your house!

Sounds like a fun date night at the movies with Justin!

Would you mind sending me an email mdbeau98 at yahoo. You had asked me something in a comment you left a while ago and I've been meaning to send you an email about it! By now you've probably forgotten all about it though :)

LaughterThoughts said...

glad the gunk is gone. we had that over christmas, and it was miserable. the only fortunate thing was that i had serious sinus issues and was unable to smell all the vomit i was mopping up!

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