Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How am I supposed to name all of these posts, anyway?

Ahhhh... caffeine. I am sitting down with my first true cup of coffee after a loooong morning. I hate this part of mothering:

The sorting of the clothes.

Yes. The change of the season is just around the corner, and I must evaluate the clothing we have and take stock, for the CLOTHING SALE is coming soon!!! (insert obscene happy dance) I absolutely LOVE the clothing sales for kid stuff. I mean, I can get an entire season (spring/summer or fall/winter) for under $100. And I mean A LOT of stuff. So, in order to prepare for the shop a thon, I have to go through the boxes of hand me downs from my sister and friend, and see what we have and what we need. Also, Evan is at a totally different growth rate than Justin, so he is currently wearing some 3T and some size 6 clothes. Poor kid. I need to buy him some stuff that actually FITS. So, I have been going through his drawers and closet as well. ALSO,Justin is growing at an alarmingly fast rate and I have been seeing way too much of his ankles as of late, so he needed his closet to be evaluated. So the poor kids got to hang out with me in Corinne's bedroom for an hour today, which they just loved, for sure. They were bouncing off the walls so I finally had to quit halfway through. I have 2 bags and a box to go to my younger sister's baby and 2 boxes for next year to put in the basement (THANK YOU to my friend and sister for the advance clothes!!) and 1 box to store in her closet for the summer. She really doesn't NEED that much for summer, but we have an overabundance of shorts without shirts to match, she needs 1 more swimsuit, and one can never have enough floaty summer dresses. She's only a baby once, right? And how can you turn away from outfits for a dollar?!? Exactly. You can't.

I need a drink. Something way stronger than coffee, but there aren't any men around, so I'd better abstain. (smirk).

Well, I have to play Hi Ho Cherry Oh to bond with my son while the peanut naps. And I must fit in teaching him some more of his letters today... He is so behind. Poor kid. Thanks to Michelle for the cool link, though. He really likes it. I can see us using it again today, actually!


kelly jeanie said...

I always have trouble naming my posts, too.

That clothing sale, is it one of those in a big arena? I am so jealous. When/where is it? Three cheers for hand-me-downs!! If it weren't for rummage sales I'd go nuts.

I saw that too at Surburban Bliss. I guess we'd probably be in trouble since we all had a glass of wine with Thanksgiving dinner. What a farce.

Anonymous said...

So, where is this clothing sale, because I think I need to send my mom over that way!!!! Email me or something!!!!

tracey.becker1@gmail.com said...

I live in the Chicago suburbs. It's held by Mothers and More and it's in the DuPage County Fairgrounds on March 10. I work at the sale so I get to shop the presale the night before!!

Jen said...

A sweet little girl can NEVER have too many summer dresses!!!

There used to be one of those sales in Houston, LOVED them.....incredible deals on everything kid related...

Anonymous said...

Our clothing sale is coming up in a couple of weeks & I can't WAIT! Sometimes I find lots of stuff & sometimes I don't...but I always love looking! I consign, so I get to go a day early, which rocks!! Good luck at yours!

Nicole said...

I hate this time of year too. Trying to figure out if you should buy new Winter stuff or hold off until Spring to spend the money.

We are having our sale in about a month and I can't wait. I am actaully working it this year, so I get to get in on the good stuff first. Well, before a lot of people anyway.

Christina said...

I never see any sales like that in my town. Darn.

I need to start sorting clothing, too, just to put away the stuff that no longer fits Cordy, and dig out the baby stuff we plan to re-use, so I know what we already have for #2.

Lei said...

oh the sales are rickin' this time of year, aren't they? have fun!

Michelle said...

I wish we had a clothing sale like that around here! It would be so nice to get a season's worth of clothing all bought at once!

I'm so glad he enjoyed that website!! and you're welcome for the link! :)

Mike said...

How do you play Hi Ho Cherry Oh?

Mike, an ignorant soul

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