Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Circus!!

Oh my gosh!! I took Justin and Evan to the Ringling Brothers & B & B Circus last night! We had such an incredibly fun time. I can't even begin to explain how much the boys loved it. In fact, to quote Justin during the show :

"Nobody could understand how much I love this!"

It was that fun.

However, the $7 popcorn and $12 cotton candy? Not such a great deal. Yes. TWELVE DOLLARS for a cotton candy. For sugar, water and AIR. It cost more than 2 pizza slices. Needless to say, we did NOT get any.

But OH! The elephants! The tigers! The people flying through the air, dancing around the rings, and flipping every which way. The clowns cracked my kids up (which is good, cuz Patrick grew up scared of them...) and we even got to see a grouchy tiger. Oh, and a guy that almost fell off of the high wire - freaky.

I am SO glad we went. I plan to do this every year, if possible. I grew up going to the RB & B & B circus every fall. I had forgotten how thrilling it was. Highly recommend taking your kids.


Kellan said...

"Nobody could understand how much I love this!" - this was priceless. So glad they loved it! It is something to behold - isn't it!? Have a great weekend - see ya.

painted maypole said...

ha! i took MQ when she was 3 and she was far more interested in pretending to find swiper with the binoculars! ;)

Michelle said...

Yikes! I can't get over the cost of that cotton candy! How do they expect families w/children to be able to afford that!?

glad you guys all had a great time though!

Dana said...

We did this with Tucker and Tanner right before school started this year. It was fun. We didn't get the $12 cotton candy either...we got the $12 slushie thingy instead...Oh, and swords! :0X

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